Snoquera Falls — A touch of the Yosemite Valley in Washington

  Quick Facts: Location: White River Valley Land Agency:  Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Roundtrip: 4.2 miles Elevation Gain: 750 feet Contact: Snoqualmie Ranger District, Enumclaw office Green Trails Map: Greenwater no. 238 Notes: Northwest Forest Pass or Interagency Pass required; Dogs permitted on leash Access: From Enumclaw, follow SR 410 east for 28 miles. Turn left onto Camp […]

Palouse Falls–showy cataract of Eastern Washington’s coulee country

Quick Facts: Location: Channeled Scablands Eastern Washington Land Agency: Washington State Parks Roundtrip: 1.3 miles Elevation Gain: 150 feet Contact: Washington State Parks Guidebook: Day Hiking Eastern Washington (Mountaineers Books) Notes: Discover Pass required. Dogs permitted on leash. Watch for rattlesnakes Access: From Pasco, take US 395 north to Connell. Then follow SR 260 east for 25 miles […]

Explorer Falls–It’s an easy search to find these falls

Quick Facts: Location: Near Lake Roesiger between Monroe and Granite Falls Land Agency: Washington DNR Roundtrip: 2.0 miles Elevation gain: 200 feet Contact: Washington DNR Notes: Do not block gate, nor drive past it if open. Active logging area, be alert to trucks on roadway and yield right-of-way. Access:  From Monroe, follow Woods Road north […]

Eagle Creek — Classic Hike overflows with stunning waterfalls

Quick Facts: Location: Columbia River Gorge near Cascades Locks, Oregon Land Agency: National Forest Service Roundtrip: 12 miles High Point: 1,200 feet Elevation gain: 1,100 feet Difficulty: moderate Green Trails Maps: Columbia Gorge West no. 428S Contact: Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Notes: Northwest Forest Pass or Interagency Pass required; Dogs permitted (but not recommended) on leash; steep drop offs—keep children near. Access: From Portland […]