Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge– Portland’s Premier Wildlife Refuge

Quick Facts: Location: Sellwood neighborhood, Portland, Oregon Land Agency: Portland Parks and Recreation Roundtrip: 2.8 miles Elevation gain: 60 feet Contact: Portland Parks and Recreation Notes: dogs must be leashed Access: From Ross Island Bridge follow US 26 east (Powell Boulevard) immediately turning right onto SR 99E (SE McLoughlin Boulevard). In just over one mile exit […]

Virginia Lake─Sweet bird watching spot on Sauvie Island

Quick Facts: Location: Sauvie Island (Portland, Oregon) Land Agency: Oregon State Parks Roundtrip: 2.4 miles Elevation Gain: 50 feet Notes: Dogs must be leashed. Access: From downtown Portland, follow US 30 (NW St Helens Road) west for just shy of 11 miles turning right onto the Suavie Island Bridge. Then follow Sauvie Island Road for […]