N.O.A.H. Nature Trail─Where it always reigns cats and dogs

Nancy and Brindy enjoy a short hike on the NOAH Nature Trail.

Nancy and Brindy enjoy a short hike on the NOAH Nature Trail.

Quick Facts

Location: Northern Snohomish County, near Stanwood

Land Agency: Northwest Organization for Animal Help (N.O.A.H.)

Roundtrip: 0.5 mile

Elevation Gain: 25 feet

Contact: www.thenoahcenter.org

Notes: Hiking with dogs encouraged but they must be leashed.

Access: From Everett, head north on I-5 to Exit 215. Head east on 300th Street NW and immediately turn left (north) onto Brandstrom Road. Continue 1.0 mile to NOAH facility on your left. Trail begins north of dog exercise yards.

Animal lovers rejoice. This trail at the N.O.A.H. Animal adoption center was specifically developed for dogs. Dogs awaiting adoption at this innovative and award winning facility are taken for a walk each day on this lovely half mile wooded trail. Folks looking to add one of N.O.A.H.’s (Northwest Organization for Animal Help) dogs to their family are also out walking this trail to measure their compatibility. And folks who just want to check out the 17-acre campus of this special pet facility are also invited to walk this trail—with or with-out a dog—but make sure if you bring your buddy, that he’s leashed.

While the trail is short, plan on spending some time touring the N.O.A.H. facility, whose staff and volunteers wholeheartedly invite you to do so. Here at this rural facility you’ll find bar-less dog suites and spacious cat colonies with soothing music being played in the background. This is a no-kill shelter and the people of NOAH are dedicated to promoting positive pet-human interactions. Aside from giving dogs and cats a second chance and a loving home, the center also offers neutering and spaying, pet classes and other activities and events that help create a solid community. Since opening in 2003, NOAH has arranged for the adoption of over 10,000 dogs and cats.

Perhaps you’re considering adding a lovable fur ball to your family. Take a walk on this trail and give it more thought. The gentle wide path takes off from the dog play parks to travel under a row of mature alders. Protected wetlands line the trail on the east. The path makes a loop doubling back in a grove of cedars and hemlocks. On the return meander by some old stumps and a couple of remnant big trees surrounded by a forest floor adorned with salal. If you live nearby return often and consider volunteering or joining N.O.A.H. to help them continue their admirable work.

For information on lodging and other attractions near N.O.A.H., visit www.snohomish.org.

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