Langus Waterfront Trail─A slough of surprises await just minutes from downtown Everett

Enjoy continuous river and slough views on this trail.

Enjoy continuous river and slough views on this trail.

Quick Facts

Location: City of Everett

Land Agency: Everett Parks and Recreation Department

Roundtrip: 4.0 miles

Elevation Gain: None

Access: From Everett, take Exit 195 off of I-5 turning left onto East Grand Ave. In 0.5 mile bear right onto East Marine View Drive and follow for 1.0 mile to SR 529. Continue north on SR 529 crossing the Snohomish River onto Smith Island. After a half mile turn right onto 35th Ave NE and proceed south for a half mile turning left onto Smith Island Road. Follow Smith Island Road south for 1.5 miles to Langus Riverfront Park.

Notes: Dogs must be on leash.

Contact: City of Everett Parks and Recreation Department

Good to Know: kid-friendly, dog-friendly, snow-free winter hike, exceptional birdwatching, wheelchair and jogging stroller friendly

A delightful paved path along the Snohomish River in the heart of its delta, the Langus Waterfront Trail on Smith Island can be enjoyed by hikers and runners of all walks of life including those in wheelchairs. Starting from the city of Everett’s Langus Riverfront Park head south across manicured lawns beside the river. Here near the river’s mouth, it channels into an elaborate delta of sloughs and ecologically important wetlands. Smith Island sits right in the middle of this estuarine complex, an area where salt and fresh waters mix.

While parts of the delta succumbed to past industrial and agricultural uses, much of it has recently been restored to a more natural environment. Managed cooperatively by the Everett Parks Department, Snohomish County Parks Department, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Snohomish River Delta now provides excellent wildlife watching opportunities as well as excellent hiking and paddling; and all just mere minutes from downtown Everett. This is one of the best spots in the county for observing birds.

Follow the trail upriver and when skies are clear take in splendid views south of Mount Rainier rising above the floodplain. After passing a water treatment plant the trail traverses wilder surroundings. Reaching the southern tip of the island the trail turns northward following along Union Slough. Resembling a southern bottomland, large Sitka spruces growing here remind you that you’re still in the Northwest. So too on sunny days when yu can see Mount Rainier hovering in the distance. Look for eagles, herons, ducks, and cormorants among the reeds, snags, pools, and currents.

In 2.0 miles the paved trail comes to the old Jackknife Bridge to Spencer Island. You can turn around and head back; or head back to your vehicle via dirt 4th Street for a shortcut; or continue hiking on Spencer Island’s trails. In any case many returns are warranted here as each season brings changes and surprises to the river and its delta.

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