Lake Valhalla– No slain souls here-just renewed ones


A hiker enjoys pure Valhalla serenity.

Quick Facts:

 Location: Henry M Jackson Wilderness, Stevens Pass area

Land Agency: Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

Roundtrip: 12.0 miles

Elevation gain: 1,500 feet

Difficulty: moderate

Green Trails Map: Alpine Lakes-Stevens Pass No. 176S

Contact: Wenatchee River Ranger District (Leavenworth): Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

Access: From Everett, head east on US 2 for 65 miles to Stevens Pass. Park on north side of highway (across from ski area) and locate the Pacific Crest Trailhead.

Notes: wilderness rules apply, Practice Leave No Trace ethics, Don’t be a surfacer pooper.

Good to Know: Dog-friendly, kid-friendly, Henry M Jackson Wilderness, Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, Mind the Music


In Norse Mythology, Valhalla was the heaven of the Vikings; a great hall in Asgard where slain warriors chosen by Odin himself ascended to. Lake Valhalla in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness is a place where tired and weary souls can choose to ascend to via trail. And upon arriving to the shores of this large backcountry lake, wayward pilgrims will quickly realize, it is indeed a heavenly place.

Depart on your voyage to Valhalla via Stevens Pass. By way of the Pacific Crest Trail, head north into the rolling and rugged Central Cascades. The way starts out easy enough by utilizing an old rail bed. The pass was long abandoned for rail travel with the construction of a tunnel below it in 1897 . Consistently heavy snowfall and severe avalanches forced the railroad underground. The most current tunnel was built in 1929. It’s 7.8 miles long  and was the longest railroad tunnel in the western hemisphere when it opened.


Valhalla’s waters invite a swim.

The trail skirts slopes of avalanche-thinned forest and after about two miles enters dark groves of old-growth. Here too it enters the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness and continues through more stately stands of old-growth forest. It climbs a little, passes through a series of soggy meadows, and then crests a small ridge. Then it drops three hundred feet to twinkling Lake Valhalla set in a bowl beneath Lichtenberg Mountain.

The lake’s quiet shoreline makes for a fine place to lounge the day away. If you want to spend the night, there are a series of developed campsites here. But, if you’re inclined to further explore the region, carry on past the lake and climb to a small saddle above it. Find a boot-beaten path that veers off left. Now, follow this trail through berry patches to the 5,747-foot summit of Mount McCausland. From this small peak an impressive view of the surrounding countryside can be had. And Lake Valhalla sparkles below. A divine sight and site-indeed!


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125 hikes from Everett to Wenatchee!

125 hikes from Everett to Wenatchee!

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